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Interior design in Cyprus

by Cyprus Digest team

Interior design in Cyprus

Do you want the interior design that meets all your tastes and preferences, but at the same time remain cozy and multifunctional? A.K. Studio – an expert in the difficult business of design art and the arrangement of premises, will gladly provide design-related services in the redevelopment of apartments, houses, restaurants, and office premises. Only in this way will you achieve the final result without deviations from the approved 3D design project.

When ordering interior design in Cyprus at A.K. Studio, count on more than a standard project. Do not assume that it will turn out quickly and cheaply to realize the unique plan of an apartment or a cottage DIY. A lot of time will be spent on the process, as it is hard to implement each idea without experience. For example, a house will become more comfortable, but aesthetics will disappear.

This will not happen if you contact us! Professionals of A.K. Studio zone areas and create a comfortable atmosphere. Depending on what you want, the designer will arrange locations in modern directions. Moreover, each room will differ in functionality, sophistication, and together the rooms will make up a harmonious solution. And this is not all of what our company is ready to offer customers.

Interior Design Services

The basic principle of designers is to assemble a unified design solution from the components. Designers of our company working on the project adhere to similar goals. The main task is to disclose the strengths of the rooms during planning, as well as to hide the disadvantages with the help of decorative elements, light, and shapes. We try to visually increase or reduce the space in accordance with the task set by the customer.

The specialists of A.K. Studio have the appropriate education and are versed in the latest techniques, and therefore they will successfully implement any, even complex, multi-level design.

Stages of creating project documentation

Great design is a result of coordinated work between the client and our specialist. When developing a design, the final word is always by the customer! To make the cooperation productive, and the result pleased the participants of the process, our work is divided into the following stages:

  • The first acquaintance with the client, questionnaires, inspection of the premises. In order to quickly, efficiently implement our plans, our designers organize several meetings with the client.
  • Creation of rough drafts. The plan considers every aspect of the future project.
  • 3D visualization of rooms.
  • Adjustment of the project.
  • The final statement. After completion of visualization and space planning, the final design is approved by the customer.

As a result, the interiors acquire the best look and reflect the features of the owner. To focus on the character of the owner, we use various color shades, decorating elements, artificial and natural light.


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